UK Firms Increasingly Drawing on the Pool of Promotional Staff Available

England 18/09/2012 – Hiring the right promotional staff is vital for those companies who need to stand out from the crowd

Slowly, but surely UK firms are waking up once again to the potential of one on one marketing. Targeting consumers in every way possible is vital. People are bombarded with advertising from every quarter in many different forms. To some extent, people have tuned out to at least some of these advertising mediums. They barely register TV adverts or SMS alerts. Promotional e-mails get deleted without being opened, even when they have signed up to receive them. This means that firms have to reach people in a different way and hiring promotional staff is definitely the way to go for most companies.

A properly trained promoter can speak to a potential client or consumer confidently face to face. They can catch their attention in a way inanimate forms of advertising cannot. Provided they have been properly briefed and coached, they will be able to answer all questions. This is extremely important when a consumer looks for something and has a concern or question the firm that answers that concern first is usually the one that gets their business.

Lazy marketing has lead many firms to actively avoid speaking to potential customers and, in some cases, not even bother once they have become actual customers. Consumers hate this attitude, so when they find a firm who is prepared to help them before they even become customers they are impressed. One on one contact helps them to trust a company and often gives them the confidence to buy.

Temporary promotional staff

However, many companies cannot afford to hire their own dedicated promotional team. Fortunately, there is a really good solution and that is to hire promotional staff as and when they are needed via an agency. The best firms, like Ngage Ltd, train up a dedicated team for each promotion. This makes sure each member of the team is briefed to the point where they are real advocates for the company they are representing. In addition, they will train members of a company’s own team, so they can work alongside Ngage’s agency staff. This gives firms full control over each promotion and teaches members of their regular team new skills that can be re-used for future promotions.


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