Data Centre From South West Communications Provides Secure, Stable Storage Solutions

Exeter, UK September 13th 2012 – Businesses have a very real need to protect their data, regardless of whether it is invoicing data, customer data, or a full backup of their business files. Emails, websites, and hosted media also require a secure facility where they can live. Few businesses can afford to establish their own secure storage facility; especially one that meets power, humidity, and security requirements. The modern business era is one that needs to concentrate heavily on security and this is especially true for servers and business data. Using the data centre from South West Communications it is possible to enjoy the levels of security and storage that the typical business requires.

Backing up data is also an integral part of running a business. Information like customer files, data reports, and other data needs to be securely stored and it should also be backed up regularly. If a business system was to go down or disaster were to strike all of this data could be lost. Only through remote backups can such disasters be averted.

When choosing a data centre, the business should look for one that is secure. This security includes both virtual security and physical security. Virtual security protects against virtual threats, such as hackers and malware authors and while many consider this to be a vital threat, the importance of physical security should not be overlooked either. Theft from the data centre can be equally as damaging and not could it cause a loss of money but a loss of reputation with clients too.

South West Communications offers best in class security, power, fire prevention, and connectivity. Businesses can benefit with remote storage and data hosting to meet any of their business or operational requirements.


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