Van Lease Deals Continue to Improve

England 29/04/2012 – Due to the recession van lease deals are evolving and improving

Recently, van lease deals have undergone something of a revolution. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, more companies are offering van leasing as part of their range. This additional competition has generated a competitive atmosphere within the industry, which has created contracts that are more flexible and in a far bigger range of vans being available for companies to choose from.

There is plenty of demand when you consider that only 50% of commercial vehicles on the UK’s roads are fleet owned or leased. The remaining 50% are owned by sole traders and small businesses. It is this relatively untapped market that leasing brokers are now chasing. To do so they have had to change what they have to offer and market themselves in a different way.

Because of these new marketing techniques, many sole traders and small businesses are waking up to the fact that they too can lease their business vehicles. They are realising that there are many advantages to doing so. Rather than simply going out and buying a new van, a lot of them are turning to leasing companies instead.

More van lease deals expected to be signed in the future

The number of cars on UK roads has recently dropped yet the number of commercial vehicles has grown. In 10 years, the number has grown by an amazing 40%. With more and more people, giving up their cars and turning to the internet to buy goods demand for deliveries is expected to continue to increase. As a direct result of this trend and the marketing efforts of leasing companies many more van lease deals will be made.

The Van Warehouse sees demand for van leasing as being almost bottomless. They work to make sure that the van lease deals that they offer give customers exactly what they need. Their philosophy is that if the customer is happy with their first deal they will continue to lease from them for more vehicles as they grow and need more vans or small trucks.


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