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February 2013 – Whether you want professional vocal coaching or just something for a bit of fun http://www.singinglessons.org.uk/ will be able to help. With loads of different options for packages and even where you learn, you can be sure that there will be something to suit you.


When it comes to vocal coaching it is essential that you find the right tutor for you. Samuel Nicholl offers a whole range of vocal lessons so there is something for everyone. You can book into a 5 lesson plan you can book for a longer-term plan or even book for your children.

With an easy to get to London location and affordable prices, it is a really fun way to improve your vocal techniques. Being able to sing is a lovely talent to have, so why not try and hone it to make it even better? Whether you want to try and carve yourself out a career in the West End or you just want to be able to belt out a karaoke tune or too, vocal lessons can be a really interesting and affordable way to make this happen.

If you think that this sounds like something that someone else would love, why not treat them to some vocal lesson gift vouchers? In fact, there are even pre-wedding packages where you can record a song for a loved one, what a lovely surprise that would be!

What you get from your lesson will depend very much on you and what you need. Lesson plans will be tailored to whatever you need more action on. Areas that can be covered include, controlling your breathing as you sing, pitch and tone, the right vocal exercises, using your diaphragm, and much more!

For more information on http://www.singinglessons.org.uk/
Singing Lessons
London, UK
Tel: 07515 384027
Email: samuel@singinglessons.org.uk

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