Warranties From WarrantyShop.co.uk Offer Greater Convenience At Lower Costs

Doncaster, UK February 8th 2012 – Consumers are always being advised to take out extended warranties on items like washing machines, fridges, and TVs but when you consider the number of items that reside in the modern home it can quickly become too expensive and impractical to have single warranties for each item. Warranties from WarrantyShop.co.uk aim to redress this by providing a single policy that covers every single appliance and electrical item in the home.

The single policy option means that consumers are able to make good financial savings, especially important during difficult economic times like these. A single warranty for one item may cost £10 per month, whereas you can cover unlimited items with warrantyshop.co.uk from just £7.99 a month.  It also means that consumers can protect all of their TV sets as well as kitchen appliances like the fridge and washing machine, their HiFi equipment, and even their computer on one policy. Not only does this save money but it is also more convenient and easier to manage.

Individual policies means individual warranty expiry dates but this isn’t the case with group warranties from WarrantyShop.co.uk. Every item will enjoy the same warranty anniversary and to add to this convenience, the whole policy can be managed online and at any time of day, any day of the year. This flexibility and convenience is one of the reasons that many consumers have already turned to WarrantyShop.co.uk for their warranties.

Warranties from WarrantyShop.co.uk are extensive warranty products that are designed to protect a wide ranging number of items in and around the home. Consumers can include their TV and associated equipment as well as HiFi equipment and even the microwave. Policies start from as little as £7.99 per month for an unlimited number of items in the home making them a cost efficient way of protecting appliances.


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