Norfolk, United Kingdom (March 28, 2011) – Nets2go are experts in the manufacture of made to measure curtains, blinds and net curtains. Over the years, they have seen many other companies cease manufacturing in the UK and import all their products abroad from countries such as Turkey or China. This can keep costs down but there is normally a large compromise on poor quality and long lead times.

Nets2go have a skilled workforce that has great experience in using single needle lockstitch sewing machines. They can use their vast knowledge to expertly manufacture a quality pair of curtains to a very high standard.

These traditional sewing skills used to be taught to all students at schools as recently as the 1950s and 1960s. However today, students are more likely to be required to learn ICT or Citizenship. In many schools, it is no longer even an option to study sewing, preventing many children from learning skills that will come in use throughout their lives and also may be contributing to the decline in the UK manufacture of products such as curtains, blinds and net curtains. Interestingly, in many countries, great importance is still placed on teaching children key skills such as cooking and sewing and in the current review of the school curriculum, many voices are calling for such practical, skill based subjects to be reintroduced.

Nets2go is always willing to offer a structured training programme for people who want to work for the company but have little or no experience in manufacturing curtains, blinds or net curtains and may have not used traditional equipment before. The programme enables workers to develop their skills and once completed, produce products of high quality. Ashley Woodyatt, Nets2go’s Managing Director, commented, “It is important to support the local community and give employees opportunities to develop their skills.”

Supporting the UK manufacture of products like curtains, blinds and net curtains is important for a number of reasons.  Sewing and the manufacture fabrics is an important part of British history and it is important that we continue to support this historic trade. In addition, buying products that have been manufactured in the UK means that you are supporting the British economy and placing value on the skills of workers in the UK.

About Nets2go:

Nets2go is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of net curtains, blinds and curtains, offering made to measure products at competitive prices. Nets2go provides great customer service, dedicated telephone support and prompt delivery.

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