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London, UK September 7th 2012 – There are many costs involved with owning and running your own car. There is the cost of the car itself as well as tax and MOT and that’s before considering ongoing costs such as filling the car with petrol, paying for repairs and more. One cost that shouldn’t be overlooked is the cost of having the car serviced regularly. This can help save money in the long run and ensure that the car is in the best possible condition for driving.

What Is Car Servicing?

Car servicing is routine maintenance and checks performed by trained mechanics to ensure that a car is in top condition. The mechanical and electrical components of a car are complex and a single small problem can lead to seemingly huge problems. With regular servicing, it is possible for car owners to prolong the useful life of their vehicle and ensure that it is running in good condition throughout its life.

The period between services is usually determined by the manufacturer, who will advise owners on when to take their car for service. Generally, a major service should be carried out every year with an intermitted service carried out between these times. Unless a car owner covers a lot of miles on a regular basis this will often prove enough to ensure that their vehicle is kept in the best condition possible.

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