William A Lewis Diversify Their Finance Packages

England 08/06/2012 – To boost sales William A Lewis offer their clients more finance options than most dealers

William A Lewis have been repairing and selling cars for nearly 60 years, so they know the industry inside out. They have been through many downturns and recessions and have survived them all. Key to their success despite, sometimes, adverse trading conditions has been their ability to adapt and diversify.

The current recession has presented many challenges, but by listening to their clients and adapting, the five franchises in the group have all continued to maintain a strong market share. Part of the reason has been that they provide their customers with ways to pay for vehicles even in today’s challenging economic times.

Because William A Lewis is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority all of the finance they offer is fair and takes into account each customer’s financial circumstances. None of the garages within the group will offer finance a customer cannot really afford just to make a sale.

They offer lease purchase, hire purchase and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), which gives customers the choices they need. All staff are qualified to offer advice and have all undergone training to ensure they each offer the advise they give meets FSA standards. They do not try to rush potential customers into making a decision and even provide financial advice outside of the showroom to be doubly sure that this does not happen. Their website offers several videos, which potential customers can view and consider in the privacy of their own homes giving them the time to truly think before they buy.

William A Lewis offer innovative finance for businesses

The team at William A Lewis understand the need to look after local businesses as far as possible. As a business, themselves they really understand the unique challenges firms face in the current economic climate. For their business customers they offer lease or hire purchase as well as PCP. However, for business owners they also offer the chance to finance a van or company car using finance lease or contract hire deals.


William Lewis

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