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To fully enjoy a gourmet food tour from France to Italy there’s no better city to start in than Paris. You will be spoilt for choice with the amount of eateries on offer here, but make sure you try one of the 14 three-star Michelin restaurants the city has to offer before heading to Lyon.

From Paris it is a relaxing two hour trip on TGV train to Lyon, the true capital of French gastronomy, and where renowned chef Paul Bocuse has a restaurant. Explore the city’s old town and over lunch, relax and watch the world go by.

From Lyon head south to Montpellier and try the traditional menu at Castel Ronceray, a 19th century mansion. Sit in the leafy shade of the courtyard and indulge in the local specialties, such as venison or duck fillets.

From Montpellier take the train to Chambery in the Rhône-Alps region where you can taste the regional cuisine. Visit the Saturday market, which offers the freshest cheeses, tastiest local meat and superb local wines.

From one gastronomic heaven to another climb aboard the TGV France-Italy for the four hour train journey to Italy’s capital of style, Milan. Here you can carry on with your gourmet tour on the Italian streets from street vendors. Try a lampredotto bread roll (filled with steaming Florentine tripe), or fried gnocchi from Bologna’s Emilia Romagna. Temptation is all around – enjoy a focaccia di Recco from coastal Liguria (a kind of crepe or pancake sometimes stuffed with cheese) or a Piedmontese gofri (delicious waffles).

For a memorable end to your gourmet tour take the train to Venice and enjoy the atmosphere and food at Paradiso Perduto. To avoid disappointment make sure you get a reservation – this place is popular! There’s often live music, poetry readings, dancing and plenty of delicious food and wine to tantalise your taste buds.

A complete Gourmet Tour in Europe from France to Italy with Rail Europe

Paris – Lyon                                    1h57

Lyon – Montpellier                      1h43

Montpellier – Chambery           3h29

Chambery – Milan                        3h48

Milan – Venice                               2h15

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