Wolfestone Partner Launches Free Press Release Distribution System

Swansea, United Kingdom (11th April, 2012) – Wolfestone Translation, a market-leading language translation company offering translation and voiceover services across various languages, reveal that their key partner, Kontax, has unveiled a new distribution system that allows customers to publish an unlimited number of press releases completely free of charge.

The system offers customers unlimited free publication of press releases in any one of 64 global languages, with easy access to translation into any additional language.  Kontax’s media network ensures customer press releases are distributed to an unrivalled list of targeted contacts.

Users can now create their own mailing lists and automatically distribute press releases to suitable contacts. In addition, the press releases won’t simply be distributed as a collective daily bulletin from the website, but individually for maximum impact, at a time chosen by the user.  Mailing lists will now be automatically shared, allowing maximum coverage of industries and languages and maximum impact for each new release.

Kontax customers will be briefed on which media contacts have received their press releases and given real-time feedback on readership statistics.  Customers can then define the languages into which they wish to translate their press releases, and thus expand their press coverage.

A spokesperson for Wolfestone commented: “Multilingual translation, global coverage, shared mailing lists and targeted media contacts make Kontax one of the most powerful press release publication and distribution service providers in the world.

“As an exclusive UK partner of Kontax, we welcome this latest innovation and look forward to supporting customers with any translation requirements.”

For more information on Wolfestone and their language translation services, visit their website at www.wolfestone.co.uk or telephone 0845 000 0083.

About Wolfestone:

Founded by two entrepreneurs from Wales and Poland, Wolfestone is a language services company with the aim of becoming one of the most successful, most reliable language services providers to the media and also the private and public sector. They provide language translation to and from English, and employ highly skilled, professional translators who are proficient in over seventy different languages and dialects, including French, German, Polish, and Chinese, to name but a few.


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