3663 Catering Equipment Aims to Best 2011’s Successful Expansion

Bristol, United Kingdom (17th October 2012) – 3663 Catering Equipment, the UK’s leading supplier of catering equipment, intends to surpass last year’s successful expansion results.

2011 saw 3663 Catering Equipment grow by a significant 30%, and believe this success is due to their dedicated workforce and commitment to exceeding their customers’ expectations. One of their most notable achievements was their partnership with the Gondola Group, as they were required to refurbish every Pizza Express and ASK restaurant over a three-week period.

The Managing Director of 3663 Catering Equipment, Paul Knight, has announced plans to improve on last year’s growth. While this aim presents a challenge to 3663 Catering Equipment, he believes it is achievable as they are committed to driving down the cost of rising products and encouraging employee motivation.

3663 Catering Equipment will therefore utilize its skills and knowledge across different sectors and industries to offer superb solutions which will support their customers’ growth. They are also considering new and exciting ways to reduce costs, combine processes and increase efficiency.

“2011 was an incredibly successful year for 3663 Catering Equipment, and we intend to continue this growth by exceeding last year’s results. Our employees are the heart of the company as they are the key to our success, which is why we aim to motivate each and every one of our employees so they can reach their full potential,” commented Paul Knight of 3663 Catering Equipment.

“We will also look into reducing the costs of rising products to deliver value-for-money, quality kitchen equipment to our customers, as well as improving our overall services to offer a more appealing and organized service.”

For more information on 3663 Catering Equipment, visit their website at http://www.3663cateringequipment.co.uk or telephone 0370 3663 960.

About 3663 Catering Equipment:

3663 Catering Equipment is part of 3663, the UK’s leading food service wholesale distributor.

They sell catering equipment throughout the UK and offer advice on any commercial catering equipment needs with locally-based sales teams. Their sales teams receive regular training on products as well as changes in the marketplace that may affect their customers. This means clients can be assured of professional service every time they talk to 3663 Catering Equipment.

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