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England 09/08/2012- 3M adhesives and tapes keep the flying world safe

When you think about what it takes to keep airplanes in the air and safe probably the last thing you think of is sticking tape. However, oddly your average airplane or helicopter will include a surprising amount of sticky tape.

Therefore, the 3M Adhesives & Tapes with transair.co.uk area of Transair’s website is a surprisingly well used one. In monetary terms, adhesives and tapes do not represent a large percentage of this airplane parts company’s turnover.

However, looked at from the point of view of items sold adhesives and tapes do represent a significant percentage of the number of items shipped. Something that would surprise, or even alarm the average man in the street. After all no one likes the idea of parts on an aircraft being held together by tape. Thankfully, this is not what these specialist 3M tapes and adhesives are being used for. On an aircraft, adhesives and tapes are used in a variety of ways, but not to hold the body of the plane together.

Applications for 3M Adhesives & Tapes with transair.co.uk

In some cases, tape is used to hold bundles of wire together and out of the way. Insulation tape is used to protect the point where wires pass through a component or where two wires are joined together.

Masking tape is used during any spraying processes in the same way it would be in an auto repair shop. High-end masking tapes are designed to stay in place even in extreme temperature. One high tech version will do so even at temperatures of 300F.

High-end adhesives have many uses on an airplane and they come in many different formats. The majority are painted or sprayed on, however a few come in the form of a tape. When it is heated, it is activated and turns into a glue. Some adhesives come in the form of epoxies that have to be mixed together to create a chemical reaction that produces an unbreakable bond. There are also specialist spray adhesives that are designed to hold two components lightly together during assembly. Thus, making tricky assembly jobs far easier.

Transair have been selling adhesives and tapes for many years. They are always looking for new products to help plane and helicopter owners keep their aircraft safe and in the air.


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