£70 Off Bat Surveys recommended by the Bat Conservation Trust

13/04/2012- If you are looking to carry out work on your property or land and want to ensure that you comply with the law regarding bats, the Bat Conservation Trust recommend you have a bat survey.

Arbtech ecological consultants are currently offering £70 off their bat surveys, so you can now get a bat survey on your property for as little as £329. Arbtech follow the Bat Conservation trusts recommendations when it comes to carrying out their bat surveys. They leave no stone unturned, so you can be absolutely sure of your duties in regards to bats on your property.

All bats in the UK are protected by law and it is illegal to do anything which would harm or unsettle them. This includes killing, injuring or disturbing them or their habitats. If you are looking to carry out work on your property and you think that there may be bats present, you will need to ensure that the work you do does not impact upon them in any way or you could see yourself being prosecuted.

Arbtech will send out an ecological consultant who will use all of the latest techniques to look for evidence of bats on your land. They will follow detailed procedure to ensure that if bats are on your property they will be found quickly. You will receive a detailed report on the bat situation on your land, which will allow you to tailor your planning applications accordingly.

Many local authorities will ask to see the results of a bat survey before they will approve planning permission, so in a lot of cases a bat survey is essential. If you are unsure, you can call the Bat Conservation Trust for more information, or you can talk to Arbtech direct.

About Arbtech:

Arbtech are ecological consultants who deal with everything from arboriculture to bat surveys. They employ consultants across the UK. All of whom are highly qualified individuals who will help you to identify ecological factors which could be an issue on your land.


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