Androgynous Trends: The Feminine Brogue Shoe From Spartoo

Androgynous Trends

Echirolles, France (25 June 2010) – Spartoo, a leading European online shoe store hosting an extensive range of men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes with over a hundred different brands, has a beautiful range of brogue shoes available on their website.

The ideal alternative to flat shoes, brogue shoes combine style and daily comfort. Often emblematic of the masculine/feminine trend, this model taken from menswear has been given a feminine touch, to the delight of fans of the style.

In just a few short years, Minelli has made a name for itself in the fashion world, becoming a sure bet for city trendsetters looking for the latest fashions. Naturally fresh, delicate, and sophisticated lines and rigorous attention to detail are the unique touches that people love so much from a pair of Minelli shoes. The pursuit of details and audacity subtly characterize each collection, season after season.

Making its debut in the Marais neighborhood of Paris in the 1990s, Kesslord has become an incredibly reputable brand. After taking their first steps in the fashion world via leather goods, they incorporated stylists who specialized in the world of shoes into their design bureau and began to propose creative models. With a beautiful line of brogue shoes that combine masculine and feminine looks, the brand has designed an androgynous collection that follows the trend perfectly.

Founded in Sydney in 1932, at the time Bloch specialized in dance slippers that were adapted to the morphology of dancers who kept complaining of foot aches. After having outfitted the most prestigious dance companies, they made a foray into the fashion world by moving from dance slippers to city-style brogue shoes. The spirit is the same, as well as the comfort. Whether in a classic or jazzy mood, Bloch gives fashionistas some pep in their step!

For more than 20 years and from season to season, Stéphane Verdino has created his own unique style that doesn’t follow the traditional codes of fashion, yet draws inspiration from them. His designs are pure, with stylish lines and thoughtful volumes for an architecturally inspired work with disciplined forms. And his brogue shoes follow this rule. With polka-dots or chequerboard, they combine futurism and tradition.

Created in the middle of the 1960s by a couple of designers with the same name, Marithé & François Girbaud proposes very innovative collections at the height of fashion. Their designs have been updated and modernized so many times it can be hard to spot the original, but the result is always as seductive as ever. No exception for the brand’s brogue shoes, which have an original style, for a result full of charm and character.

For more information about Spartoo and their shoe range, please visit or telephone 02033 182565 during office hours.

About Spartoo is the European leader in the internet footwear market. references over 150 top brands (Geox, Converse, Adidas, Timberland, Nike …) with over 7 000 models (Women’s shoes, Men shoes, Children’s shoes) and exceptional customer service: Free delivery and return within 30 days. operates in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

– Over 5 Million unique visitors in November 2009 (Médiametrie, Europe)
– Top 10 internet fashion sites behind the Redoute, 3suisses. (Médiametrie 2009)
– Top 10 companies with the strongest growth in Europe. (, 2009)
– Only e-commerce site selected by “le French Tech Tour 2009”


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