Barber Design Launches Revamped Website

London, United Kingdom, (29th March, 2012) – Barber Design, a leading contemporary retail interior design agency, have decided to give their website a corporate revamp after three years.

Whilst Barber Design believes that their website design was cutting edge at the time it was made, they also believe that the site needed to be simplified and less cluttered to allow their work to shine through, and let the quality of retail design their agency delivers stand out.

The leading retail design agency also wanted some of their studio ideas to come across in their new blog, and share their thoughts and inspirations with others so clients recognise they are an agency that constantly thinks, lives and breathes creativity.

Additionally, the new Barber Design website has new media facilities such as YouTube and Twitter links, so that social media and video streaming can become part of their brand language and help Barber Design to develop a following from clients and fans around the world.

The new site aims to appeal to bigger, international brands that Barber Design now finds that they are in a position to work with. The Barber Design website attracts a lot of new customers from across the globe, and the brand is keen for this ‘shop window’ to their business to reflect the work they have done over the years.

Doug Barber, Manager Director of Barber Design, commented: “We as a business have changed dramatically in the last thirteen years, and need to make sure our website reflects the changes that take place in the services we offer, the work that we deliver, and – more importantly – the clients we appeal to.

“We certainly know that the way we portray our business online reflects in the type of clients we work with and appeal to, so we are proud to communicate our business through our new website. We hope that you like it, too!”

For more information on Barber Design’s retail design services, please visit or call +44 (0) 20 7731 2001.

About Barber Design:

Barber Design is a specialist team of contemporary retail interior designers in London, dedicated to creating creative, quirky and unique ideas for their clients’ projects. Barber Design aims to increase their clients’ profits through inspiring retail store design; strong brand identity and in-store graphics; and bold website designs, whilst maintaining green principles throughout.


Barber Design

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