Botox London Clinics Educate Clients About Other Uses For Botox

England 15/10/2012 – The majority of botox London based clinics only use it as a anti-wrinkle treatment, but there are other uses for botox

When it comes to botox London is probably the place where it is most widely used, in the UK. Every year literally thousands of people in the capital seek out Botox treatment. In virtually every case, they are doing so for purely cosmetic reasons. The vast majority are having Botox injections to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Many clients in beauty clinics do not really understand how Botox works. Most clinics explain this to their patients, but not all really take in what they are told. All they know is that it works and very few are very worried about exactly how it works. Some actually believe that Botox is used as a filler providing padding that smoothes out the wrinkles. In fact, Botox is actually a muscle relaxant. It relaxes the muscles, which provides a smooth surface for the skin to hang over.

The fact that Botox relaxes muscles means that it has other applications. This product, popular within beauty and plastic surgery industries, is also used to treat serious medical conditions.

Since 1993, UK doctors have been using Botox to treat chronic sweating. It is not suitable for all patients, but it has helped many thousands to live a normal life again.

In 2000, the FDA approved the use of Botox to treat cervical dystonia. This painful condition causes the neck muscles to seize. Trials of treating other painful muscle spasm conditions are ongoing.

In October 2010, the FDA approved the use of Botox to treat chronic migraines. Relaxing certain muscles in the neck and head provides much needed relief for many migraine sufferers.

Trials to use it to treat conditions such as cerebral palsy are showing a lot of promise. It is also being used to relieve spasticity in stroke victims, which seriously inhibits their mobility.

The future of Botox in London

Without a doubt, the majority of Botox will still be used by companies like Cosmedics, who use it as an anti-wrinkle treatment as well as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) treatment. However, in the future it seems that more uses of Botox will be established by the medical profession bringing help and relief to thousands of people.


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