Nurse Your Body back to Health at the NuBeginnings Health Farm

15/03/2012 – Change your body and your life with a trip to NuBeginnings Health Farm.

We only get one body and that is why it is so important that we look after it. If you neglect your body they your life will not be as full as it otherwise could be and you could develop serious health problems which would impact dramatically on your ability to enjoy life. Anyone who has let their health slide would be welcomed to NuBeginnings Health Farm, where they will undergo therapies, activities and training which will help them nurse their bodies ‘back to life’.

One of the main services offered by the team at NuBeginnings is a weight loss service. Anyone who is overweight will know just how difficult it can be to lose the excess fat. Most will have tried diets that have failed time after time but NuBeginnings could have them on the path to success with its unique combination of therapy, diet and exercise plans which will see them shed the pounds and change the way they think about exercise and nutrition forever.

Every guest at NuBeginnings Health Farm will undergo a personal fitness assessment at the beginning of their stay. This will be used to determine the types of exercise and the level of exercise which is most suitable for each guest, so although workouts will be intense, they will not be unmanageable based on fitness levels.

The food served up at NuBeginnings Health Farm is completely organic and the menus have been designed by a professor of nutrition, so guests will always be fed the best of nutrition whilst at the Health Farm.

Breaking the bad habits which have led to poor health can be tough and NuBeginnings know this. That is why they offer workshops, lectures and even hypnotherapy; designed to change the way that people think and to stop their bad habits in their tracks.

About NuBeginnings:

NuBeginnings is a boutique weight loss retreat which focuses on the reasons why people are unhealthy and why they make bad food choices in the first place. It uses a mix of diet, exercise and therapy to get visitors back on the right track.

NuBeginnings was voted the number one Boot Camp in Britain by Tatler.

Westwell Hall
Torrs Park
Devon, UK
Zip:  EX34 8AZ

Tel:  +44 1271 862 792



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