East Hull Dental Centre Embraces Change

England 12/07/2012- For 30+ years the East Hull Dental Centre has provided affordable dental treatment by evolving and embracing change

The East Hull Dental Centre is one of a dying breed, in that they offer a full NHS service. This family run business made the brave decision of continuing to offer NHS dentistry at a time when many private dentists in the city decided to stop doing so. At the time, many of their colleagues thought that they were crazy for doing so. However, in the long term the decision has proved to be a wise business decision as well as the right thing to do. Today, the practice is extremely busy and there is great demand for their services.

Patients appreciate the ability to have their teeth cleaned at a price they can afford. Not only are NHS dentists cheaper the pricing structure of treatment is often far easier for patients to understand. The fact that every NHS dentist charges a flat £17.50 for a check-up means that most people can still afford to have their teeth checked on an annual basis.

When there is a problem and something like a filling has to be done patients are not as put off by the price as they would be if they had to pay to have it done privately. Currently, a filling or extraction done on the NHS costs £48. There are no hidden extras or nasty surprises when it comes time to pay the bill

The East Hull Dental Centre also offers a private dental service

However, not all dental procedures are covered by the NHS, anything that is considered purely cosmetic is not covered by the NHS pricing structure. However, the East Hull Dental Centre is happy to carry out these procedures on patients privately. This means that should the patient prefer to have a white filling rather than a metal filling they can still do so. All they have to do is to pay private rates for that particular filling. Doing so does not mean that they are no longer entitled to NHS treatment in the future. That way patients of the clinic can get the best of both worlds. This is just one example of how the East Hull Dental Centre takes extra steps to ensure that their patients get the best dental care possible.


East Hull Dental Centre

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