ISC Medical Comment on Recent Announcements on NHS Reforms

London, United Kingdom (22 June 2011) – One of the country’s leading providers of medical interviews and interview skills consultancy services, ISC Medical, comment on the recent announcements made by the government regarding the NHS reforms.

It has been announced that there is set to be a shift in responsibility from GPs to all clinicians under the latest NHS reform plans. Local health managers working for Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) currently control the majority of the spending used to purchase services for patients, and the original proposals detailed that this responsibility to commissioning consortia would be led by GPs. These consortia will now involve hospital clinicians and nurses, in conjunction with GPs.

It has also been announced that a network of clinical senates will be established; made up of doctors and other healthcare professionals who will monitor the integration of care across a wide area. Also, the elimination of PCTs and the implementation of commissioning were set under the previous reforms to take place by 2013, but it has now been indicated that individual areas will only go ahead when groups of GPs are adequately prepared.

In a bid to settle the unions’ arguments that the original proposals to use Monitor to promote competition would lead to the privatisation of the NHS, David Cameron has claimed that Monitor will now have a more comprehensive duty to promote integrated care as well as competition. Also, the two regulators of the new reforms – the Care Quality Commission and the independent national board – will oversee consortia, provide guidance on best practice, and will support groups that get into difficulty.

Olivier Picard, Managing Director of ISC Medical, commented: “With the direction of NHS reforms constantly changing, it can be difficult for senior trainees and junior consultants to understand how their career will pan out and how they can pitch themselves to ensure that they can contribute effectively. Doctors are not used to managerial roles and much effort will need to be spent to ensure that they are properly trained in taking new responsibilities.”

ISC Medical offers a management and leadership course for doctors, along with an NHS management course to assist trainees and consultants in the medical profession in ensuring that they are adequately trained and prepared for the upcoming reforms.

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