CitySocialising Comments as Survey Reveals Ideal Number of Close Friends

London, United Kingdom, (8th March, 2012) – CitySocialising, a website that enables people to make friends online and meet new people in their city, has surveyed their members and found that the ideal number of close friends a person needs is five.

A poll by, the UK’s largest socialising network for meeting new people offline, has found that British socialisers view four or five close friends as the ideal amount.

The survey of more than 400 of the site’s members saw 40% of those questioned named four or five close friends as their ideal Thirteen per cent of those quizzed voted three close friends as the ideal number for a happy social life, whilst less than one in ten (9%) said they had six close friends.

Eight per cent stated that they had as many as ten close pals, and a surprising seven per cent said they needed more than 20 close friends for the perfect social life.

James, aged 27 and a member of CitySocialising London, says: “I reckon five is just about the right number of close friends for a guy to have. It’s the perfect number to go down the pub with and an ideal size to get the round in. Also, it means if a couple are too busy then you can guarantee there will be someone around to go the match.

“I also think it’s a good number as I’ve got different mates for different interests and moods. If I want to go out on the town then I have my wingman, Dave. It’s Ian to argue over Rednapp and Capello, and for affairs closer to the heart, I can always rely on sensitive Alan and Pete, whilst Stu is always good for the banter.”

Sanchita Saha, the site’s CEO and founder, commented: “CitySocialising is all about expanding your existing network, and meeting loads of new faces and likeminded people with common interests. We have over 160,000 members and growing across the UK wanting to do just that, so I think the majority of people have a natural instinct to connect with more people offline and enjoy meeting new people and making new friends.”

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CitySocialising is the UK’s leading socialising network for meeting new people, backed by PROfounders: the European VC fund set up by tech luminaries Brent Hoberman ( and Michael Birch ( Pioneering the convergence of virtual and real world networking in the UK, CitySocialising enables young professionals to meet new people and new friends locally whilst exploring and enjoying their city’s social scene. Launched with R&D funding from the Princes Trust in 2007 with a site and service in London, the network has since developed a community of over 160,000 users, organising over 1000 socials a month across 50 cities in the UK; each overseen by a local Community Manager.


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