Improve Your Stores Display with a Heavy Duty Clothes Rail at

03/05/2012 – You could improve the look and feel of your store with a heavy duty clothes rail at

Studies have shown that shoppers and women in particular love clothing stores which use heavy duty clothes rails because they find it very enjoyable to riffle through the rails, where if they are lucky, they will find a bargain, or a special garment which no one else has come across. It seems that if all of your clothing is very prominently displayed, it takes the fun out of the shopping experience, so by looking for a heavy duty clothes rail at, you can really help to improve your customers experience and that will have them coming back time and time again.

The heavy duty clothes rail at The Shopfitting Shop is ideal for use in clothing stores, because it has been built with commercial use in mind. The clothes rails that you can buy for personal use are often very cheaply made and will break or fall over when a large number of clothes are placed on them but, this is not the case for the clothes rail at The Shop Fitting Shop.

All of the shop fittings and accessories available are of the highest quality, commercial fittings which are sturdy and stylish. They will not only help you to display your goods, but they will also improve the appearance of your store and make it more inviting to customers.

About The Shop Fitting Shop:

The Shop Fitting Shop is an experienced supplier of high quality shop fittings and retail display equipment. They supply exclusively to retail stores across the country and have a reputation for excellence. They stock a huge amount of products from clothes rails and shelving units to mannequins, coat hangers and pricing guns. Anything that you may need to set up and run a successful store is available at The Shop Fitting Shop at extremely low prices. So, you can set up the perfect store for much less than you may have thought possible.


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