United Kingdom,  (16th November 2011) – Claimsworth, a leading no win no fee personal injury and accident claims solicitor, comments on a work accident which recently resulted in the claimant seeking £750,000 in personal injury compensation.

George Harrison, a lift engineer based in East Sussex, was operating a lift as part of his job for his former employer Otis. In the accident, which took place three years ago, Mr. Harrison fell several metres to the bottom of a deep shaft in Hastings’ Halton Heights building as the platform he was standing on gave way beneath him.

The accident left him with a fractured leg and shoulder, and Mr. Harrison was faced with months off work in order to make a full recovery. Due to the additional damage Mr. Harrison suffered to his face, he was also forced to undergo a number of plastic surgery procedures, which now causes him to suffer from low self-esteem daily.

A spokesperson for Claimsworth commented: “This case demonstrates the duty that an employer has to protect its employees and how the duty extends outside the traditional ‘workplace’. The Claimant was completing his task on property that did not belong to his employer. If you’ve been injured whilst at work, whether in the traditional office or factory, or as in this case on property your employer does not own, your employer still has an absolute duty to protect your safety.”

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