Pore Strips Cure Blackheads

England– 09/03/2012Sales of pore strips are on the rise as people realise just how effective they are

Pore strips are far from glamorous. They are a cosmetic product that the majority of the population have never even heard of let alone used. However, slowly but surely people are becoming aware of them and are using them. Once they have used them once, thousands of men and women become hooked and carry on using them every week or so.

How Pore Strips Work

Pore strips are designed to remove impurities from deep within your pores. There are several different types of strip available. Each type is designed for a different part of the face. However, by far the most widely used kind is those designed to be applied to the nose. To use it you simply stick it onto the relevant area of the nose and leave it there for the prescribed time. Some strips have to be wetted before applying and left in place until they dry out. When you peel off the pore strip the oil and dirt that is in each pore sticks to the strip and is gently drawn out of each pore.

It is alarming to see just how much gunk is in your pores. If you turn the strip over and look at it, you will see what appear to be fine hairs attached to the strip. This is, in fact, the oil and dirt that has been drawn out of each pore. Pore strips work on all types of skin, and can be used by men as well as women. Using them several times a week can keep blackheads and spots at bay. However, they are not designed to be used in place of a good skin cleansing routine.

Save On Make Up sell a huge range of branded cosmetics, but it is sales of pore strips that have soared in recent months. They sell pore strips for the chin and forehead as well as the nose and it is a product that men buy from them as well as women.



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