England 21/03/2013 – The use of composite building products is spreading as consumers become more familiar with them

Ybscomposites have been serving the British public and building industry for over 30 years. They make composite building materials such as porches, dormer windows, chimneys and other items. The building components they make use a range of highly durable materials, in particular GRP.

They are built to last and look good decades after they have been installed. At first, the products YBS produced were not widely used. Builders were not aware of the products and the idea of a pre-fabricated porch or dormer window was alien to them. However, slowly but surely the news has spread. Today, YBS composites are widely used by many  major UK builders and self-builders.

The use of composite building components is a great time saver and an easy way for builders to keep a control on costs. A prefabricated porch takes just a couple of hours to put up, but building one from scratch takes at least a day. The level of skill involved is also very different; there is no need for carpentry or tiling skills. For self-builders this is an important consideration.

Using composite building materials throughout a build can save a builder a huge amount of labour, which represents a significant percentage of the cost of any building. Speeding up the building process also improves cash flow and gives building firms the chance to make more money.

Customised building components
As builders have become more familiar with composite building materials made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) they have seen the true potential of composite building components. Increasingly, YBS Composites are being asked to make custom pieces. They are being invited to sites to take moulds and colour samples of existing building features, such as stonework, and being given the task or replicating them. This kind of work has helped many builders and self-builders to achieve the finish they need, when they cannot purchase building materials that blend in properly with the existing features. It is a small part of YBS’s business, but is a service for which there is growing demand.

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