How Bread and Sugar Affects Medical Nutrition

[29/05/2012] – Bread is a staple of the Western diet, but it has been proven that some people are highly sensitive to bread, causing health problems. Cereal grains like wheat and rye are often difficult to digest. Celiac disease is the common term for sensitivities such as these and occurs when food fails to be absorbed as it moves through the gut. Some studies have linked high levels of celiac sufferers in children who later go on to develop schizophrenia. Medical nutrition is the way to spot how medical conditions can be cured through better nutrition in everyday diet.

How to Deal with Glucose Intolerance
Glucose intolerance is another factor that can cause mental health problems. Those who are glucose intolerant generally suffer from dizziness, faintness, weakness and fatigue. Nervousness, trembling and anxiety are other symptoms. Avoiding junk food, alcohol, white bread and sugar is a good idea if you suffer from these symptoms. Starting regular exercise has also been proven to be beneficial. Some nutritionists advocate 10mg manganese taken morning and evening and 15mg of zinc. A multivitamin that does not contain copper should be taken daily.

The Problem of Hypoglycaemia
Hypoglycaemia often occurs mid-afternoon as sugar levels slump during the day. Blood glucose levels are monitored in the body only with the use of adequate minerals, like potassium, zinc, chromium, phosphate and calcium. Glucose intolerance can be tested with a hair analysis. When the adrenaline gland is exhausted from producing too much adrenaline as the body is in a constant state of stress, low blood sugar difficulties can also occur. Eating too much sugar can also cause hypoglycaemia and diabetes. Luckily, it is very easy to beat hypoglycaemia with a change in lifestyle. Daily exercise and a diet rich in complex carbohydrates should cure it, as should taking in food rich in natural minerals. Mineral and vitamin supplements can also be taken.

A Healthy Diet for Today
Everyone whether they are suffering from health conditions or not can benefit from optimal nutrition in their daily lives. Wholegrain, fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds, cheese, eggs, seafood, poultry and lean meats all form positive parts of a modern diet. When taking a multivitamin look for supplements without copper, which are present in many supplements on the market nowadays. Adults can also benefit from extra vitamin C, manganese and zinc in their diets.

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