Customers Search Out the Cheapest Luton Airport Parking Service

England – 15/03/2012 – Finding the cheapest Luton Airport parking has just got a whole lot easier

If you are going on holiday and flying from Luton no doubt you will be taking your car this means that you will probably be looking for the cheapest Luton Airport parking available. Years ago, most people simply parked in the closest car park to the airport. However, consumers are far savvier than they used to be and now understand that they can save themselves a considerable amount of money by shopping around for their airport parking. More and more people are doing so because money is tight and the money they save on parking they can use as holiday spending money. Alternatively, some people are using the money saved to pay for extra services such as meet and greet parking or valet parking.

Luckily, there is a good selection of reasonably priced parking to choose from in and around Luton airport. However, this choice presents people with a bit of a challenge. If you were to follow the traditional route of ringing each firm it would take you hours to establish who offered the cheapest Luton airport parking service and book with them.

How people are finding the cheapest Luton Airport parking

People are increasingly turning to the Internet to find the cheapest Luton airport parking available. They are discovering a new breed of website, which specialises in drawing together offers from car parks around each airport. On these specialist price comparison parking websites it is possible to find the best deal and book parking in as little as 10 minutes. In addition, the specialist sites offer the best value for money because they secure additional discounts for people who book their car park parking via them.

Luton Parking Discounts is one such specialist airport-parking website. They have not been going for very long yet have already secured a significant share of the market. Their site is designed to allow consumers to simply key in their flight departure and return dates and instantly see which car park provides the cheapest Luton airport parking for those dates.


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