Gatwick parking meet and greet grows in popularity

England – 15/03/2012- Gatwick parking meet and greet costs more, but more people are using it

Gatwick parking meet and greet is proving to be one of the fastest-growing services based around the airport. Years ago, it was a service that was only really considered and used by people who were flying on business. However, now more and more members of the general public are searching out and using this fantastic service.

Car parks that offer valet parking or meet and greet parking are finding that they have less empty spaces than they did before they started offering this service.

How Gatwick parking meet and greet works

The service is very easy to use. The way it works is that you drive to the airport as normal and drop-off your luggage and family. Waiting at the airport is a chauffeur who is fully insured to drive your car. That chauffeur takes the keys to your family car and drives it to an outlying car park. Your car stays there until it is time for you to return. At which point the chauffeur takes your car and meets you with it at the airport, usually at the terminal. You then simply load up your car and drive your family home.

Despite the fact this costs more many people are availing themselves of this special service. The main reason for this is that using this service removes much of the stress of arriving at the airport in a car. There is no need to find your outlying car park and no need to worry about whether you have left enough time to get your family from the car park to the terminal building. Additionally, when you arrive back in the UK you can make a far quicker get away from the airport.

Gatwick Parking Discounts have added Gatwick parking meet and greet services to their database. Almost as soon as they did so they noticed an increase in interest from the general public. As a result, they have been able to negotiate discounts for this service, which in turn has made it an even more popular option.


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