Dayoak Motors Offers Servicing And MOT For Under £100 And Helps Beat Rising Motoring Costs

London, UK October 16th 2012 —  Recent reports have shown that many consumers are choosing to reduce the amount they spend on things like cigarettes and alcohol in order to be able to continue running their car. With more and more owners considering driving to be a necessity rather than a luxury it means that they are being forced to pay the increased costs that are associated with what is an essential part of daily life.

One way that owners can reduce the amount they have to spend on running a car is to find a reliable MOT and mechanic service. An MOT is an annual requirement on cars that are three years old, or older, and so it is impossible to avoid paying for these altogether but prices can vary greatly from one garage to another. The same is also true of servicing and repair bills. Dayoak Motors strives to offer competitive prices on parts and has introduced a £99 MOT and service for cars of any make and model.

A number of measures are being introduced by the government, including an investigation into the selling of customer details to personal injury firms by insurance companies and another investigation into whether petrol prices are fair when compared to the cost of crude oil. However, these investigations can take time and it is necessary to continue paying for the upkeep and maintenance of a car in the meantime.

Dayoak employs a team of five fully trained engineers and technicians as well as full support staff and they offer a range of services and products for car owners. Based in Enfield, London, Dayoak provides a service and MOT for any make and model of car for £99.


Dayoak Commercial Ltd

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Hastingwood Trading Estate

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London, UK

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