Demand for Serviced Apartments Coming From Many Sectors

England 21/10/2012- Until fairly recently serviced apartments were very much for businesses, today, they are being rented by holidaymakers too

Demand for serviced apartments is increasing across the UK. Until fairly recently you really only found them in the UKs main cities. This is because the vast majority of the people who wanted to rent apartments that were serviced were businessmen and women. Firms that had contractors working with them for a few weeks or months at a time were the main market. In addition, some used these kinds of apartments to put up important clients and others who were visiting them for short periods. They did this because a serviced apartment was much more comfortable and practical, offering luxury accommodation in central locations at a similar or lower price than luxury hotels. A win, win for everyone.

Of course, holidaymakers also hired out apartments, but on a purely self-catering basis. The majority of holidaymakers still turned automatically to hotels or B&Bs, because they did not fancy having to clean whilst away for a couple of weeks. However, slowly but surely this has changed.

Today, holidaymakers are just as likely to look at renting out an apartment, as they are to book themselves into a hotel or B&B. Something the travel industry as a whole has noticed and really begun to cater for. Nowadays, most large holiday resorts offer a good choice of both serviced and self-catering apartments. In many cases, it is the serviced apartments that are getting snapped up first by holidaymakers. These apartments are cleaned between each let and fresh linen is provided in all of them. In addition, a cleaner and change of linen can be organized by the agent to ensure that nobody is lumbered with these tasks during their holiday. In busy areas, there are plenty of takeaways and restaurants, so nobody needs to cook unless they really want to.

People increasingly using the web to find serviced apartments

Firms like Brighton Holiday Homes have seen demand for serviced apartments increase drastically in the past few years. In fact, demand for these kinds of apartments is so high, that they now offer apartments in the surrounding countryside to meet demand.


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