Sell Your Yorkshire Home Comment on Rise of Personal Debt in the UK

Yorkshire, United Kingdom (March 28, 2011) – Sell Your Yorkshire Home, a UK property market specialist that can facilitate fast house sales in Yorkshire, comment on the rise of bankruptcy and personal debt amongst families in the UK.

Personal debt charity Credit Action has revealed that in total, lending rose by £1.5 billion in January 2011. This has left the average UK household £57,635 in the red, and has caused 337 Britons to hit bankruptcy and 1,589 to be made redundant per day.

Personal debt has now hit £1.4 trillion in loans and mortgages, with property repossessions now reaching 87 every single day, or one every 17 minutes.

Credit Action spokesman Jo Davies commented: “Finding yourself worse off and having less money at the end of each month is going to be very problematic for people, and they could find they have problems dealing with their credit commitments.”

A spokesperson for Sell Your Yorkshire Home commented: “As prices for everything from fuel to food are hiked up, this can easily result in failure to keep up with mortgage payments and, ultimately, cause bankruptcy. This can become grounds for repossession of the home, and it is precisely this eventuality that our team at Sell Your Yorkshire Home are able to help such families to avoid, as we can act quickly and purchase your home fast.

“If families allow their homes to become repossessed, the house will be sold by the mortgage company through estate agents at an auction, which could even produce liability on behalf of the family for any costs incurred. However, if families in danger of repossession act quickly, our company can provide them with the lease of life their finances so desperately need. We encourage anyone in this dire position to contact us immediately for impartial advice and a no-obligation quote.”

For more information on Sell Your Yorkshire Home and their fast property sales, visit their website at or telephone 0800 085 0196.

About Sell Your Yorkshire Home:

Sell Your Yorkshire Home is one of the most well-renowned and trusted names in the housing industry. Established in 2006, they are committed to helping people in need in Yorkshire get back on their feet and keeping them away from the dangers of debt, CCJs and repossession. Sell Your Yorkshire Home’s team of experts are happy to offer impartial advice, no obligation quotes and to facilitate property sales in a matter of days.


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