Demand for Solar Panel Installation Continues to Drop

England 14/05/2012- When the government changed its feed in tariff the rate of solar panel installation dropped with new changes it drops further

The cost of a solar panel installation has in recent months, dropped considerably. However, less and less people are interested in having solar power installed. This is particularly the case for homeowners. The main reason for this is that people have lost confidence in the government’s feed in tariff scheme. When the scheme was first introduced in April 2010, people very quickly signed up for it. However, what many people did not realise is that the scheme worked from a pot of money rather than a bottomless pit of funds. Demand was so high that the amount budgeted for was soon depleted. As a result, the government quickly reduced the amount it offered for the feed in tariff scheme. The effect on the industry was devastating with demand plummeting. Some sources show demand dropping by 90%.

However, given that the cost of installing solar panels has come down drastically since the original scheme started it is still possible to install solar panels and get the cost of doing so back over the life of the panels. Despite this, many consumers are not convinced they are worried the government will cut the tariff again and they are right given that a further cut is planned for 2012. After that the DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) will carry out reviews of the feed in tariff (FIT) every 6 months. They want to do this to ensure that huge profits are not made by solar consumers and suppliers at the expense of the average homeowner who has not installed solar power.

Solar Panel Installation is still worthwhile

The Smart Energy Company and many other installers are struggling to get consumers to see that they can still save money if they install their panels prior to the next round of cuts. They point out to their customers that if the installation is registered and commissioned prior to June 30th 2012 they can benefit from the current tariff, which more than covers the cost of installation over the life of the panels.


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