Spa Packages Sell Like Hot Cakes

England 11/05/2012 – Spa packages are once again becoming popular

Until fairly recently sales of spa packages were declining. Now they are once again popular. The reasons behind this change in heart by the British public are many and varied.

When the recession hit a few years ago many people automatically tightened their belts and in so doing, changed many of their shopping habits. They began their belt tightening by doing away with all but the most essential things in their lives. For the spa industry as a whole, this was bad news because people stopped going, so often. However, within a few months people calmed down and took a more balanced approach to how they ran their lives. They realised that by shopping around they could still afford to enjoy many of life’s little luxuries.

In the case of spa and beauty treatments, they realised that many of the treatments they had viewed as a luxury were in fact very important to them. In some cases essential. Looking good helped them to feel good and had a big impact on how people responded to them. In jobs, such as sales, looking good is essential not a luxury. In addition, treatments such as hot stone massages really had a big impact on how relaxed they felt and how well they coped with life. As a result, those that could afford to do so returned to spas. However, they were definitely looking for better value for money.

Spa packages offered better value for money

Many spas realised this and began offering more spa packages. They also realised that by offering more packages they could tap into a new market. People were looking for a way to give themselves a break, but could no longer afford a traditional week’s holiday. A day or two in a spa was a great alternative.

Salons and Spas Etc is an on-line spa directory. They have found that a larger percentage of their visitors now automatically go to their spa packages section looking for value for money. This is a trend that they expect to continue because more spas and salons putting together special packages.


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