Who are Live In Care Services Designed to Support?

live in care

When it comes to finding the right care support for your family or loved one, it can be difficult to know when the care you can offer at home is no longer sufficient. From caring for an elderly relative, to managing the routine of an individual with complex care needs, knowing when to reach out for professional help can be hard. Which is where our live in care team come in.

Live in care is a bridge which connects fulltime care with an ability to stay at home, stabilising patients and those in need with their own surroundings and an environment in which they feel comfortable and safe. For the most part, live in care is a form of physical, hands-on, and reactive support which responds to needs as and when they arise – without removing the individual from their home.

So, how do you know if this is the level of support you need, or if the care required is something you can provide yourself? In this blog, we dive a little deeper into the benefits of live in care and who it is designed to support.

How live in care benefits the individual in need

The first and most important person to consider when looking at the benefits of live in care is the individual in need. Live in care grants them the ability to stay at home, but access 24/7 support as and when they need it. From facilitating activities and routine jobs as part of their everyday routine, to lending a hand with household tasks and chores, to listening and offering emotional support when it’s needed, the role of a live in care is diverse, varied, and incredibly broad.

The number one benefit as cited by those who experience live in care is that it provides them with access to the full support they need, but without leaving the comfort or safety of their own home.

The benefits of live in care for family and friends

For family and friends, live in care provides a form of peace of mind, knowing that their loved one is being cared for effectively and efficiently. This grants them a level of freedom, while also making it easier to visit their loved one – all without having to visit or spend time in alien care homes or hospitals. In essence, it retains the tight family unit in the comfort of familiar surroundings, while also knowing that their family member or friend is being cared for properly.

How live in care benefits those with specific needs

Finally, one of the lesser discussed benefits of live in care is that it can be completely tailored to the individual. By providing care in their own home and environment, without the needs of others around them to consider, care staff and specialist care providers can create an itinerary and care plan which is suited specifically to them, and which grants them the best possible quality of life.

And with the team at Ivy Palmer, live in care couldn’t be easier to access. Simply get in touch to find out more.

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