Dri-Cowl External Cover Available Now from DIYShop.com


Manchester, United Kingdom (4th December 2012) – DIYShop.com, a leading UK provider of quality DIY products, has launched the Dri-Cowl on their website: a new product serving as an air brick or extraction fan cover.

The new Dri-Cowl external cover is designed to prevent the full force of wind and/or rain from directly penetrating into dwellings; in turn preventing the cause of extensive damage to plasterwork, decoration, and discomfort for dwellers.

When fitted, The Dri-Cowl will still allow adequate ventilation to flow freely, whilst eliminating draughts and “blade” noise; allowing the fan to fully function against strong, prevailing winds.

The fitting of the Dri-Cowl negates the dwellers’ need to internally block off the air brick and is fixed using screws and silicone/polysulphide mastics. These fittings are provided in addition to the product by DIYShop.com.

A spokesperson for DIYShop.com commented: “Dri-Cowl is invaluable when used as a cover for extractor fans, such as windowless bathrooms or kitchens, as it is virtually silent and incredibly easy to install.

“Plus, as the Dri-Cowl is manufactured from high-quality aluminum and finished in a neutral brown tone, it is incredibly durable, hard-wearing, and subtle; performing optimally for extended periods whilst not appearing too noticeable.

“We look forward to receiving customer feedback on the Dri-Cowl and adding further products to our website in the future.”

For more information on DIYShop.com and the new Dri-Cowl external air brick cover, please visit their website at http://www.diyshop.com.

About DIYShop.com:

DIYShop.com is a leading supplier of high-quality DIY products for trade and domestic requirements and offers exceptional ranges from some of the most respected brands in the industry. Based in Manchester, the popular provider is committed to providing unrivaled customer service, which is why they offer the finest items for competitive prices.


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