Earn money online every time you shop with Cashback Shopper Australia

After 5 years running an established UK cashback site, Cashback Shopper announces the launch of a new site in Australia, allowing Australian online shoppers to also earn money back on their online shopping.

Recent figures show Christmas pushed online shopping in Australian households to a new peak, with clicks grabbing 8% of Australian credit/debit card transactions over the first 15 days of December 2011. On some days the online market share reached 10%, with online shopping dollars up 16% compared to the same period last year.

UK online shoppers have been making use of cashback sites for a number of years to earn money online and now Australians can also earn cash back when they buy online from over 500 retailers, including lots of major names. Furthermore, the site also provides regular updates of retailers’ coupon codes and discount codes, as well as any special offers they may be running, such as a sale, or free shipping.

When you click on a link to an offer from a retailer on a normal third party website, it’s likely that the website owner is getting commission for sending you to the retailer. However, if you use Cashback Shopper to visit your favourite online retailer, instead of keeping all the commission, they share it with their members in the form of cashback.

To earn cashback, you just need to login to Cashback Shopper whenever you shop online, click on the link from the site for the shop you wish to use (the amount of cashback is clearly stated in each online retailer’s description) and you will then be taken to their website to make your purchase as usual. Cashback is automatically added to your account once the purchase is confirmed by the retailer and when you’ve earnt $25 in cashback, you get paid. It’s as simple as that!

It’s completely free to join Cashback Shopper and they even pay you $5 as a welcome bonus, as well as another $5 every time you refer a friend; there are no additional charges from the retailer for using the site, everything costs you the same, you just get cash back on the things you would’ve bought anyway.


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