Innermost Secrets Offer Specific Recurrent Miscarriage Tests

Cardiff, United Kingdom (January 28, 2011)Innermost Secrets, a leading Cardiff based fertility clinic, is one of the first clinics in the UK to offer a specific tests for women who have suffered recurrent miscarriages.

Recurrent miscarriage is a condition which affects about 2-3% of women and causes repeated heartache and trauma for many women, their partners and their families. Traditionally, women with 3 or more miscarriages would be offered screening in the NHS but not always, and only a very few will be offered screening after 2 miscarriages. Due to this many women have to seek private investigations and treatment like the Miscarriage Clinic at Innermost Secrets in Cardiff.

Even in specialised miscarriage clinics, standard screening tests can usually only identify risk factors for recurrent miscarriage in about 40% of cases, although many of these can be treated. Many women, however, go on to have further miscarriages and their cause remains unknown. Recently there has been new research to suggest that some miscarriages may be due to immune factors in the lining of the womb (endometrium) called NK or Natural Killer Cells, and if found in high numbers these can be suppressed by treatment with steroids prior to conception. These NK cells bind to the developing pregnancy and release toxic granules which destroy it.

The test to identify these endometrial NK cells can be performed as an outpatient by using a fine plastic tube which is inserted through the cervix into the cavity of the womb. The outpatient procedure is similar to and about as uncomfortable as having a smear test using a vaginal speculum to visualise the cervix. It takes less than 5 minutes, costs under 400 and results are available in about 2 weeks.

Dr Bryan Beattie, Director of Innermost Secrets said:  “We are so excited to be able to offer this test to couples in Wales who have had recurrent miscarriages where conventional testing has not uncovered a reason.  Until recently, many would have had to go to specialist centres in London, Birmingham and Liverpool. The best part of all of it is that the treatment is simple and inexpensive and could make such a difference to some of these women who have had the heartache of losing multiple pregnancies in the past without ever knowing why, nor ever had the joy of carrying a baby to term.”

There is also strong evidence to suggest that these NK cells can also play a part in preventing implantation of a fertilized egg even with treatments like IVF, such that some couples with infertility problems will also benefit from testing and treatment.

For more details about Recurrent Miscarriages, the Miscarriage Clinic and testing for NK Cells see our website or telephone 0345 230 3386 during office hours.

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