Ecospace Provide an Affordable Solution for the Current Housing Situation

Housing Situation

London, United Kingdom (July 21, 2010) – Ecospace, a London-based architectural company, offers an affordable solution for housing problems in the UK by introducing modular homes to many gardens.

Ecospace understands that the current economic climate can be worrying, and it appears everyone is trying to find a way to cut back on expenditure. Building housing or having an extension built onto a current home can be costly; however there is one alternative that is ideal for those cutting back on costs but wanting to maintain the high quality they’d expect elsewhere, and that is to purchase an aesthetically pleasing modular building that can be installed in the garden. These fashionable homes can be used as additional living or office space so that costly home moving becomes unnecessary.

Ecospace contemporary and sustainable housing fulfill all the requirements of a modern home and they can provide bespoke services so every client receives the extra space of their dreams. Ecospace modular housing is designed to be environmentally friendly, so not only will a client have beautiful new personal or professional office quarters but they will be helping to ensure the future of the planet.

A spokesperson for Ecospace commented: “There is a housing shortage here in the UK; therefore it is harder to find a new home with adequate living space. Many people are now considering having extensions added to their homes but with the current economic situation, they may struggle to find the funds. However, when purchasing a modular building with us here at Ecospace, we can provide them with a contemporary home that not only makes financial sense but is also good for the environment. Our bespoke services ensure our clients receive the suitable housing that will complement their homes, and with fully qualified architects and engineers on board, our clients can rest assured that they will be provided with an attractive addition that is sure to fulfill their requirements”.

For more information about Ecospace and their Modular Housing, visit their website or telephone 020 7703 4004.

About Ecospace:

Committed to reducing the UK’s carbon footprint without compromise, London-based company Ecospace creates aesthetic living spaces either to client specifications or based upon modular building designs. With a team of qualified architects, they are able to design and create any innovative concept, whether their clients require a garden room, home workplace, or spacious eco home. Established for a decade, Ecospace’s aim is simply to create sustainable, economical buildings at fixed prices to suit any requirements.



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