ELAS Offers Social Media Policy Advice to Businesses

Manchester, United Kingdom (4th July, 2012) – ELAS, a leading, expert provider of business support solutions in the UK, is now offering social media policy advice to businesses following the recent revelation of numerous pertinent HR issues.

ELAS is advising businesses to implement company-wide social media policies in light of recent research which suggests that social networking sites are causing businesses both reputational and financial damage. ELAS is currently working with clients to train employers and employees on best practise to reduce risks to both parties, as well as developing specific social media policies to meet employers’ needs.

ELAS can provide effective training to managers and HR officers on dealing with social media problems. Issues include many various factors; from general formulation of suitable social media policies, to misconduct issues arising from social network abuse, to employment tribunals and prosecution.

Emma O’Leary, Legal Consultant at ELAS, commented: “We are seeing a rise in the number of clients requiring advice on Facebook incidents. Social media is hugely topical at the moment and a constant source of communication, which can now be seen spilling over into employment law. Be it an employee that has taken a ‘sickie for a bad back’ who then posts pictures of themselves holidaying in Disneyland or seemingly harmless office banter spiralling into cyber bullying, it’s becoming a real headache for employers.

“It is essential that businesses recognise this growing trend and protect themselves and their employees by implementing a social media policy. Not only does it guide employees on what is and what is not acceptable when using social networking sites, but also allows employers to monitor employees’ usage to ensure the reputation of the company, employees and clients are protected.”

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About ELAS:
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