Engage Mutual’s NEW ‘Over 50s Life Cover Plus’ Pays Out for Serious and Terminal Illness

Harrogate, UK, (24nd February, 2012) – Engage Mutual, one of the larger UK mutuals, providing simple, value for money savings, protection and investment products, have now added new features to their over 50s plan.

The newly launched ‘Over 50s Life Cover Plus’ from Engage Mutual is the only plan of its kind on the market to offer customers the flexibility to claim a cash lump sum on the diagnosis of a serious or terminal illness, at no extra cost.

Engage Mutual’s ‘Over 50s Life Cover Plus’ already offers guaranteed acceptance without a medical, affordable premiums, and a simple application process. The new plan ticks even more boxes and offers enhanced features, including financial and emotional support in the case of serious or terminal illness.

Engage Mutual’s Marketing Director, Karl Elliott, commented: “The new Over 50s Life Cover Plus plan offers our customers practical and emotional support at a very difficult time and provides extra reassurance. It’s a life cover plan with a difference. For the first time it offers benefits to the insured, as well as their families. It goes the extra mile to help support customers and their loved ones during those difficult periods when serious or terminal illnesses can suddenly hit. As a mutual organisation, we continue to go to greater lengths to offer our customers products that will benefit and support them and their families.”

Prior to launch and as part of its new product development programme, Engage Mutual commissioned independent research amongst 45-65 year olds to find out what additional features would be of real benefit in a life cover plan. The feedback from the consumers was overwhelming. They wanted a product that would offer additional peace of mind, affordability and greater flexibility. The idea of receiving a lump sum payment for a serious or terminal illness was felt to be of greatest value as it helped to take care of practicalities.

Over Fifty Life Cover Plus offers policyholders the following benefits:

– ability to claim 100% of the sum assured on diagnosis of a terminal illness
– ability to claim 20% of the sum assured on diagnosis of a serious illness
– access to emotional support services through Red Arc for those policyholders diagnosed with serious or terminal illnesses
– guaranteed acceptance without a medical for all UK residents aged 50-80
– affordable premiums and a simple application process
– a 5% discount for online applications.

For further information on the new Over 50s Life Cover Plus, customers can contact Engage Mutual on 0800 169 4321 or visit www.engagemutual.com.

About Engage Mutual:

Engage Mutual’s over 50s life cover plan, easy save, junior easy save, protected investment bond are provided by Homeowners Friendly Society Limited (HFSL). HFSL is Registered and Incorporated under the Friendly Societies Act 1992, Registered number 964F.  HFSL is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), FSA Register number 110072.

Engage Mutual’s child trust fund is provided by Engage Mutual Funds Limited (EMFL), Registered number 3224780.  EMFL is a wholly owned subsidiary of HFSL and Authorised Corporate Director of  Engage Mutual Investment Funds ICVC. Engage Mutual Investment Funds ICVC is an investment company with variable capital. Registered in England number IC00044. EMFL is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), FSA Register number 181487.

Engage Mutual’s health cash plan is provided by Engage Mutual Health (EMH). Registered number 515058. EMH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Engage Health Holdings Limited (EHHL), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of HFSL. EMH is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). EMH’s FSA Register number is 202311.

You can view our details on the FSA’s register http://www.fsa.gov.uk/register/firmSearchForm.do or by contacting the FSA on 0845 606 1234.

Engage Mutual Services Limited (EMSL) is a non-regulated wholly owned subsidiary of HFSL. EMSL is an appointed representative of EMIL. Registered number 3088162.

The following are non-regulated wholly owned subsidiaries of HFSL.; Engage Mutual Administration Limited (EMAL) – Registered number 4301736; Engage Mutual Services Limited (EMSL) – Registered number 3088162; Engage Health Holdings Limited (EHHL) – Registered number 71124.

Engage Mutual Assurance is a trading name of HFSL, EMFL, EMIL, EMH, EHHL, EMAL and EMSL.

Engage Mutual is one of the larger UK mutuals providing simple, value for money savings, protection and investment products to more than 500,000 customers.  Engage Mutual prides itself on being a family-oriented, modern mutual, providing products that help enable households of all kinds to plan their finances to help meet their future needs.


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