People Insight Launches 360 Degree Feedback Tool

London, United Kingdom, (24th February, 2012) – People Insight, a leading provider of employee engagement and employee survey services, have launched a dedicated 360 degree feedback tool based on their research which showed that there was a distinctive link between engagement and line management effectiveness.

People Insight has found that managers play a key role in creating an engaging space for team members. The employee survey provider have observed that the immediate line manager or supervisor has more influence on employee engagement than almost any other single factor. This is why People Insight believes it is so important to measure engagement right through the organisation, and to provide managers with the feedback and tools that they need to drive engagement within their immediate team.

Whilst employee surveys can play a part, People Insight comments that there is no substitute for an in-depth and personalised 360 degree appraisal of management performance and development needs in this area.

These beliefs are behind the development of 360 Engage. This 360 degree feedback instrument has been designed to complement People Insight’s employee engagement survey and employee engagement training support by targeting the management competences that are known to drive employee engagement.

A spokesperson for People Insight commented: “As a 360 degree feedback instrument, 360 Engage provides a rounded assessment of the managers’ performance against each of these dimensions from a number of perspectives, making it simple for the manager to see what they can do to improve engagement in their own team.

“So, if you are looking to drive employee engagement and know that individual leaders and managers would benefit from personalised support, 360 Engage could be for you. Plus, because the 360 degree feedback tool is ready to go, we can set your managers up on the system today, and they can expect to receive a fully comprehensive feedback report in as little as a week.”

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About People Insight:

People Insight specialise in measuring employee engagement and offering practical advice on all aspects of the survey cycle to provide the insight and support organisations need to transform their performance. UK employers of all sizes spanning the public, private and not for profit sectors choose to work with People Insight as they have a great reputation for delivering a professional, personal and responsive engagement survey service that clients can trust.


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