Entrepreneurs Can Transmit A Professional Appearance With A Virtual Office

Melbourne, Australia August 29th 2012 – Small businesses and entrepreneurs can find it very difficult indeed to afford or justify paying for dedicated office space. The new business, especially, will have plenty of other costs to meet and with few employees finding somewhere small enough that still affords a level of professionalism can be very challenging indeed. A virtual office could provide the solution by giving the small business a professional appearance and offering a number of other beneficial services too.

A virtual office is, effectively, an office without the physical space. It provides the recipient with an office address that looks professional and can be given to potential clients, business partners, and anybody else that requires a contact address. A professional appearance is very important to businesses and especially to those small businesses that would otherwise struggle to be able to afford a physical office. Entrepreneurs, too, can benefit for the same reasons.

Virtual offices can also include other additional services that aim to benefit the business user. For example, a receptionist service means that somebody will be on hand to answer phone calls that are meant for the business owner. The messages are then forwarded to the intended recipient, typically by email. Another useful service is that of mail to email. Post is scanned and then emailed to a business email address so that the business owner can quickly and easily respond to any correspondence that may arrive for them.

The Cluster is a friendly but professional office space in Melbourne’s dedicated CBD for entrepreneurs. It provides casual office space, serviced offices, and virtual office space. As well as a professional looking business address, the Cluster also provides invaluable services such as a receptionist to take calls and forward messages, and mail to email services.


Level 10

50 Market St

Melbourne 3000

Tel: 03 9629 9952

Web: www.TheCluster.com.au

Email: Info@TheCluster.com.au


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