Why Real Time Consumer Data Is Important To Business

Sale, United Kingdom, August 9th 2011 – Finding access to relevant and up to date sales leads and consumer data can prove difficult for any business. However, it is this information that the most successful businesses use in order to deliver their marketing message to the most appropriate, or targeted, leads. Mass mailing campaigns and cold calling campaigns will always prove more effective if they are targeted towards consumers that are interested in the product that is being sold.

Some businesses with extensive trading history and a network of partners and companies are able to formulate their own consumer data. They can create lists of consumers that fit within certain categories. For example, if a business knows that its most likely buyers are aged between 18 and 30 and are male then creating their own list of such consumers can provide excellent returns without costing a fortune.

However, the majority of businesses are not so fortunate, and even those with extensive databases themselves, are on the look out for fresh leads. Fortunately, it is possible to buy consumer data from research and data companies.

A business can purchase a list of 18 to 30 year old men. This is a targeted list that should provide good returns but there are other factors to consider. How old is the list? If the members of that list were first approached or their details collected two or three years ago then many of the leads will have gone stale. A business has a great chance to succeed if it has access to real time consumer data.

The Data Octopus is a direct marketing specialist offering a range of services including extensive consumer data lists and databases. Using these lists it is possible for businesses to improve their chances of success and to ensure that their marketing messages are delivered to the most appropriate leads while they are still warm.


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