Farmers Improve Animal Wellbeing With Quality And Affordable Chicken Supplies

Dorset, UK October 7th 2012 – The rise of various bird and chicken related diseases has seen greater importance placed on the sourcing and use of professional grade feeding, brooding ,and control equipment. Whether for home breeding or farming, it is important that the chickens are kept in a healthy and safe environment and through the use of the latest chicken supplies it is possible that poultry owners can enjoy strong, healthy, and disease free chickens.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has banned the use of certain bird feeders including those with standing water that are used outside. In order to comply with DEFRA directives, the chicken farmer must buy feeders that are DEFRA approved and have been passed as being safe for use. Drinkers have come under the spotlight since an outbreak of disease in pheasants in 2002 and the use of open water containers, which were prone to cross contamination, have now been banned by DEFRA.

Current law dictates that open water containers are outlawed in a bid to prevent the cross contamination of birds and species. This means that drinkers must be self-contained in order that they comply with DEFRA legislation. The Quill Drinker was one of the earliest innovations in this area and not only has its use continued but it is now used in many countries around the world including the USA and Australia as well as the UK.

Quill Productions is the designer and manufacturer of the Quill Feeder; they were established as a family business in 2002 and set about developing a drinker that would comply with legislation while still providing birds and their keepers with the benefits of a quick and simply feeding solution. Quill Productions has grown and expanded to now offer a range of outdoor clothing, avian products, and other products for farmers, poultry breeders, and home chicken keepers.


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