BVC Offer Custom Industrial Vacuum Units For Use In Potentially Explosive Areas

Hampshire, United Kingdom April 15th 2011 – There are many situations where the use of a standard industrial vacuum cleaning unit may not be considered safe. In particular, potentially explosive areas are not suitable areas for the use of a more standard cleaner and in these instances, companies, groups, and organisations should look for ATEX certified vacuum cleaners because they offer complete safety and peace of mind as well as highly effective cleaning.

Pharmaceutical or chemical plants need regular cleaning but they can be potentially hazardous areas with the potential for explosions to occur because of combustible gases and other materials in the building. In these cases, the use of a normal vacuum cleaner may lead to the ignition of such combustibles and this, in turn, can lead to explosions and fires.

ATEX approved vacuum cleaners meet specific European requirements which mean that they are accredited as being safe for use in these areas. It is now, since 2003, a legal requirement that ATEX vacuum cleaners be used in such potentially dangerous areas in order to prevent the danger of explosions.

Organisations can choose central cleaning units or mobile vacuum cleaning devices that are ATEX approved but these aren’t always the ideal solution for a company’s cleaning requirements. In these instances either safety or cleanliness may suffer.

BVC was founder more than 100 years ago by the inventor of the vacuum cleaner, Hubert Cecil Booth. BVC now not only create a range of ATEX approved vacuum cleaners but can also customise their vacuum cleaning units so that they meet the exact requirements of their customers; something that other manufacturers do not offer. You can ensure that any potentially explosive area is cleaned thoroughly and properly with a BVC industrial vacuum cleaning solution.



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