Resilient Data Centre Services Are Vital For Businesses

England 10/10/2012- As cyber attacks increase the kind of data centre service a company uses is becoming more important

Most modern businesses rely heavily on data for their success. Even small firms hold a lot of data about their customers, their suppliers and their turnover. They use this data on a daily basis to order goods, send out marketing materials and many other activities. Despite the importance of this information, few firms chose to employ the services of a data centre to help them to keep this information safe and secure.

Nowadays, most firms have some sort of backup process for that data. However, in most cases these backups are not adequate. Backups are done spasmodically and are not necessarily held securely. In many cases, the original data and the backup are held in the same building. This means that if there is a fire or flood both copies of the data are lost.

Without this data, a firm’s ability to trade successfully is seriously impacted. In extreme cases, companies go out of business because of their data being compromised, stolen or lost.

Data held in the same building or on the same company server is also vulnerable to cyber attacks. Once security is breached, in many cases, both sets of data can be accessed and destroyed or damaged. Recently, the Director General of MI5, Jonathan Evans warned firms that cyber attacks were on the increase. The impact of these attacks on a firm cannot be underestimated. In fact, one London firm is currently facing loses of £800 million as a direct result of one such attack.

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The South West Communications Group has been alerting customers, who already use their telephone services, to this emerging danger. They have stepped up efforts to make customers aware of their data services and they can bring to their customers. Many of their customers have listened and signed themselves up for this service. Luckily, they have the ability to expand their data centre quickly. Currently they have 120 server cabinets, but have the capacity and space for four times that amount.


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