Sapphire Earrings Remain Popular

England – 07/03/2012Sales of sapphire earrings and other sapphire jewellery that increased after the Royal wedding remain strong

Directly after the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton sales of sapphire jewellery soared. This even included the sale of smaller pieces such as sapphire earrings and pendants.

The industry was somewhat surprised by this. They had expected sales of sapphire rings to increase, because Prince William had given Kate his mother’s stunning sapphire engagement ring. When, his father, Prince Charles originally gave the then Diana Spencer the ring sales of sapphire engagement rings went through the roof.

However, the fact that sales of all sapphire jewellery also increased when William gave Kate the same ring caught the industry somewhat by surprise. Even more surprising is the fact that sales have remained strong ever since, in particular sales of sapphire earrings. Why exactly this is the case is still a bit of a mystery.

The real appeal of sapphire earrings

Aside from the popularity that has arisen out of the fact that someone as famous and popular as Kate Middleton wears sapphires the people in the UK really love these beautiful stones. They appeal to young and old alike and it is the rich blue sapphires people are still buying in the biggest numbers. The beauty of the stones cannot be denied, the deep blue of a sapphire draws you in, in a way that other stones just do not.

More unusual and relatively rare pink sapphires are gaining popularity, but doing so slowly. Whilst sales of commonly found yellow and green sapphires remain, slow. The rarest type of sapphire the pink-orange Padparadscha sells quickly, but they are quite expensive, so you rarely see them for sale in High Street jewellery stores.

Sales of sapphire earrings are particularly strong for the independent jewellers My Gem Stones. Demand is helped by the fact that this jeweller sells a wide range of sapphire earrings. They offer sets made from sterling silver as well as white gold in a variety of styles including drop, stud and crossover earrings. This variety and range allows them to appeal to a broad customer base.


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