Gate Castors Get a Makeover

England 08/09/2012- The right gate castors can prolong the life of a gate

Gate castors may not be the most widely used product, in fact, if you asked someone what one was the chances are they would be hard pressed to say. However, they are in fact an important component of a gate. They are the wheel that is fitted to the end of many long swing gates. Wheels fitted to the bottom of heavy items that are designed to help make it easy to move them are known as castors. However, some firms do refer to them as wheels.

The reason castors are so important on a swing gate is that they make it possible for the gate to be opened freely. In most cases, even a heavy gate fitted with a castor can be opened by one person and that person does not have to be particularly strong to open even a very long or heavy gate.

As well as making the gate easy to open, a castor plays an important role when it comes to preventing wear and tear. The castor supports and balances the gate. Without a good castor, the full weight of the gate would be on the hinges of the gate as it is opened. This puts the hinges under considerable strain and leads to significant wear. For this reason, even relatively short gates that could be operated without a gate castor are often fitted with one.

Sprung gate castors are becoming more popular

Increasingly consumers and builders are seeking out the more expensive castors. They want a wheel that wears well and always moves freely without any maintenance.

Castors Online, one of the UKs biggest suppliers of castors has also noticed demand for sprung gate castors has begun to increase. A sprung castor is only strictly necessary in situations where the gate is opened over rough or uneven ground. The spring flexes to keep the gate level and ensure the wheel always has traction. The engineering in such a castor is usually superior to that found in a standard gate castor. It appears that consumers are happy to pay a little extra and buy these high quality castors even when they do not strictly have to.


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