Flightsuits Sell Well at Christmas


England 8/11/2012- Flightsuits are probably not the first thing you think of at Christmas, but for some, they are the perfect gift

There are many different types of flight suits out there. The flight suit most people think of is the one-piece kind worn originally by military pilots. However, two-piece suits are also available, and in many airplanes, no special clothing has to be worn. Although most commercial pilots are required to wear a uniform, which in most cases is a smart suit and tie. Some simply wear smart trousers, a shirt, and a pilot jumper. There are many different kinds of flight wear to choose from if you are looking for a gift for a pilot.

If you have an aviation enthusiast in the family, a flight suit or other piece of flight wear can be a great gift. Sales of these items rise every Christmas suggesting that many people do indeed buy this kind of gift for family members.

In the UK there are over 21,000 private planes registered. Many of them are flown by more than one person. In total, these planes spend 1.35 million hours in the air every year. 28,000 people hold private pilot licenses and 10,000 more are certified glider pilots. On top of that, 19,000 people hold professional pilot licenses. More people are taking flight lessons every year. Unsurprisingly, the market for flight suits is growing all the time.

On top of these registered pilots, there is a growing band of microlight pilots, hang glider pilots, balloonists, and parachutists. Many like to wear a flight suit too whilst enjoying their sport, as do ground crew and maintenance personnel.

Flightsuits also make fun gifts

Transair has been selling to the aviation community for decades now. They sell a huge range of flight wear and flight suits and every year see sales of these products rise just before Christmas. However, not all of the suits they sell are sold as gifts for aviation professionals. Modern flight suits are relatively inexpensive. Kids love to dress up, so Transair believes that some of the flight suits they sell go to be used for fancy dress. They also know that mechanics like to wear their suits instead of traditional boiler suits. The fact that their suits have several pockets, and are well-made seems to be why they are so popular with mechanics.


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