Floods Spark Interest in Archive Storage

England 11/10/2012- Firms who have seen other businesses lose everything to the floods have realised that they need some sort of archive storage

Archive storage is not exactly the top of the list of priorities for most companies. However, it is a service more and more companies are seeing the value of and actually buying. Most firms cannot afford to lose their documentation, so pictures of flooded businesses with paperwork floating in floodwater have been a real wake up call. Hundreds have seen the need to archive their documents offsite in a warehouse that is fire and flood proof.

Even in the modern world, documentation is still important. A lot of information is sent electronically, so there is far information held on paper. However, things like contracts, legal correspondence and letters from clients who prefer the written word do still stack up quickly. In the UK, firms are required, by law, to keep all documentation for a minimum of six years.

Most firms store documentation for far longer. In a litigious world, it is wise to have a papertrail that can be referred to in the event of a dispute. Space is at a premium in most offices and keeping documentation properly secure is a big headache. Identity thieves have been known to target office complexes where they know they can easily gain access to storage rooms that contain personal details about thousands of people. Armed with a handheld scanner or camera phone they can collect a lot of data without anyone being any the wiser.

The simple solution is let someone look after your documentation for you. In the UK, there is plenty of storage capacity making it easy to store documentation offsite in a location with security monitoring, proper fire and flood detection and protection systems.

Specialist archive storage services

Specialist and established storage firms like Clarks Archive Storage offer far more than a safe way to store documents. Some firms need to access their documents regularly, so they offer a live document storage service. All documents are stored in the same secure environment, but are all available on-line meaning that all the information in them is fully accessible. If the originals are needed, for some reason, the box containing those originals can quickly be couriered to the firm.


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