Carter and Carter Solicitors Report on Proposed Changes to Small Claims Limit

Stockport, United Kingdom (24th September, 2012) – Carter and Carter Solicitors, professional personal injury solicitors, comment on the proposed changes to the small claims limit.

Claimant representatives in the personal injury sector are currently bracing themselves for possible changes in the financial limit for small claims. After declaring that they would not be changing the small claims limit earlier in the year, the Government have altered their stance and are now consulting in relation to a proposed increase to the limit from £1,000 to £5,000.

The limit has been fixed at £1,000 for many years which has meant that it has been viable for personal injury solicitors to act for accident victims whose claims are worth more than the £1000 limit. However, if the small claims limit is increased, solicitors will find it very difficult if not impossible, for commercial reasons, to represent those claimants whose injuries fall below the small claims limit.

In the absence of proper legal representation it follows Defendant’s insurers are likely to find it considerably easier to win small claims cases. It also need to be recognised that in order to achieve £5,000 in compensation a Claimant will have to have suffered fairly serious injuries including fractures and possibly lengthy periods off work.

Insurers across the country will no doubt state that the accident victim has nothing to fear as a result of any increase in the small claims limit and that they will treat each victim fairly. From past experience the insurers are also likely to say that any savings will be passed onto the wider general public in lower premiums. However, what must be readily acknowledged is that Insurers are commercial beings and that any assurances must be considered in this context. The net effect must surely be that if the changes go ahead victims who find themselves in the small claims track will be left without a realistic chance of receiving fair compensation.

A spokesperson for Carter and Carter Solicitors commented: “Personal injury solicitors represent claimants to ensure they are fairly represented against insurers. If the proposed small claim limit changes are implemented insurers will surely be left with an overwhelming advantage and victims will fail to access justice and be awarded the compensation they deserve for their injuries.”

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